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Julie is a young girl with a powerful imagination. One night, her parents leave her with her cool babysitter Matt. Unfortunately, Matt tells her to go to bed and invites his girlfriend Vanessa over. Julie is confused as to why Matt would ignore her like this, and decides that it must be Vanessa's fault. She hatches a plan to drive away her babysitter's girlfriend, and her imagination gets away from her...

Use the arrow keys to move, "Z" to interact with objects and advance text (hold to advance faster), and "P" to pause the game. Explore the house, and find all the items needed to enact your plan. Keep in mind that this is the Game Jam version, and is just barely complete and has a few (sometimes fatal) bugs.



-Made by Team Boom!...?

-Programming: Corey Crawford

-Art: Alex Morrow

-Writing: Bobby King

-Placeholder Art and Sound Effects: Lucas Bailey

Music from Kevin Macleod, of incompetech.com


Known bugs:

-Boxes can be pushed into each other, causing them to stack and lag the game.

-The front door isn't solid. Don't bother exploring out there, you won't find anything.

-When you have all the items, approach the "boss" from the left; the right side doesn't work.

-Pressing "P" before you have control of Julie causes the game to crash.

-Sometimes you may have trouble interacting with an object. If this happens, take a step directly away from it, then towards it, without making any turns. It has something to do with the way the game checks the player's direction.


Boxes and Dragons.exe 5 MB


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Cute but couldn't figure out how to progress quite soon...